Performance & Photography
June 2014

Ultimately, I’m erasing old neural pathways and rewriting them. Overthrowing my internal government, so to speak; then rising from the ashes. It’s a very triumphant piece, almost celebratory. As I move in a spiral formation I am repetitively writing “I release all attachments," and toward the end "I embrace detachment.”

Intrepid is inspired by the elements, the power and the homeostasis they embody. During this performance I tapped into the activating abilities of the wind, the grounding energy of the earth, the fluidity of water and the intensity of fire as both a destructive and creative force, as those have all been great teachers to me.

I am interested in the remnants and residual impacts of these elements as well. In this performance I use charcoal, a residual of fire.

Intrepid is about accepting that which is ephemeral. It’s about overthrowing old thought patterns, banishing lingering fear, relinquishing control and releasing all attachments and expectations.