Ritual/Performance & Photography
June 2014

Not pictured above:
“Intrepid I”
November 14, 2015
Area 405, New Day Campaign Resident Healing Artist

“Intrepid II”
December 6, 2015
Area 405, New Day Campaign Resident Healing Artist

Intrepid is an ancestral ritual and spiritual download which came as a vision during my study of dance, molecular relationships, neural plasticity, subatomic particle collisions, and alchemy. Intrepid is about harnessing all of the power within to create an inner and outer transformation. It is about using my whole body to step into the authenticity and timelessness that is my truest state. As a meditative and movement based ritual, Intrepid has become a sacred process in which I am using my body to write a spiral of affirmations in charcoal that stimulate release and renewal. All of the elements are present during Intrepid, as they are extremely important to this process. Charcoal is also significant because it has gone through the alchemical process of fire, so in being the result of this chemical reaction, it is representative of transformation. Charcoal is also important as a purifier of air and water, as we are water. My body, never leaving the paper, slowly erases the words of the affirmation and they begin to cover my skin. In this way I am stepping into my intentions in a very literal way. So, like a Buddhist sand mandala, Intrepid also challenges me to both accept the impermanence of life and to find that which is ever present.

INTREPID III will be performed at Art on the Vine, and will serve as closure for Intrepid Zero (2014), Intrepid I (2015) and Intrepid II (2015).