This image & the following images are video stills from the “Grounding Ceremony” Video.

“Grounding Ceremony”
Video, 17:21 minutes
June 2011

Grounding Ceremony is a video piece that documents the ceremonial release of my hair. The video begins as I prepare for the ceremony by digging a hole into the Earth. I ultimately enter that hole, where I cut each of my locs one by one. Each loc represents another level of release and cleansing, until all of my locs have been cut, marking the full release of the past. I was definitely not the same person upon rising from the Earth that day.

Hair holds experiences, and a tree grows best when it has strong, solid roots. This ceremony released me from all that I had been holding tightly to, and by rooting myself within the Earth for that process, I was able to transmute that energy so that I could emerge renewed. This video documents a very vulnerable moment of release and spiritual grounding. With the release of my hair, so many other things were also shed from my life. This was truly the beginning of my return to Self.

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