The Full Experience of “Unleash The Beast”


“Unleash The Beast”
Phylicia Ghee Photography
Styling: Phylicia Ghee

My portrait sessions tend to be more than just an opportunity to be photographed. These sessions are collaborations. They are therapeutic, both for myself, and the person I am photographing. The process exposes a vulnerability and rawness, as the collaboration is very intimate and organic. These are opportunities to let go and embrace full transparency. These sessions can change the way you see yourself, and the way others see you.

This series of images is meant to take the viewer on a journey. They illustrate an inner evolution through levels of transition and transformation. Unleash The Beast began to be conceptualized by myself and singer/songwriter Kriss Mincey (pictured above) months before the shoot was to take place. Kriss wanted to illustrate three stages of transformation in her journey to self-actualization. She called these three evolutionary stages “The Artifact,” “The Purge” and “The Beast.” Later in the year, Kriss created a three part, Philadelphia-based art series consisting of a panel discussion, a self-manifestation workshop and an art exhibition based on the concepts and images from this photoshoot. This series of events was meant to cultivate a sense of unity and solidarity within the young arts community in Philadelphia by highlighting the commonalities of the human experience.

“What started as a concept for a press photo shoot back in February grew into a demonstration, an essay, a story about becoming who I am, shedding my shell, being unafraid of myself, and without judgement.” – Kriss Mincey (

The photoshoot itself was guided and influenced by the music of musician James Blake, which was playing throughout the studio during this session. The music has a vibratory frequency that elicits an inner transformation in the listener. The images are meant to be viewed as a slideshow against the musical inspiration, ultimately combining the visual journey with the vibrations of transformation.

Words From Kriss:

“Phylicia is effervescent. She is both a creator of moods, and a purveyor of sacred tradition.  A griot in the form of photographs. She takes every opportunity to honor what was, speaking directly the client’s journey, and remains mindful of the present moment to deliver quality experiences that are empowering and authentic. Phy has photographed me since my beginning as a singer; and through her wisdom and sheer humanness, Phylicia has inspired only the best in her subject.

Phylicia Ghee is the quintessential proof that nothing is untouchable to the human spirit. We are infinite.” – Kriss Mincey

Photography, Styling, Creative Direction, Concept Development
Commissioned Portrait Session : Kriss Mincey, Singer/Songwriter
February 2014