(Completed Album Design)

(Completed Album Cover)

PORTRAIT SESSION: RISE of the Phoenix Mermaid

Natalie ‘The Floacist’ Stewart:
RISE of the Phoenix Mermaid
Phylicia Ghee Photography
Garment Design – Phylicia Ghee
Creative Direction – Phylicia Ghee
Garment Construction – Jordan Matthews
Jewelry Design & Creation – Shannon Brown

This experience is within the continuum of works that I’ve created in collaboration with Natalie ‘The Floacist’ Stewart, founding member of the London-based duo ‘Floetry’. Natalie and I journeyed together creatively for 10 years.

These images are an exact replica of a vision I had. Nature was my most powerful collaborator (created without the use of photoshop). From concept & garment construction to the completion of the final images, myself and my team finished the process itself in just two weeks.

Photography, Styling + Garment Design, Creative Direction, Concept Development
PORTRAIT SESSION : Natalie ‘The Floacist’ Stewart, Third Solo Album
November 2013