Natalie ‘The Floacist’ Stewart:
RISE of the Phoenix Mermaid
Phylicia Ghee Photography
Garment Design – Phylicia Ghee
Creative Direction – Phylicia Ghee
Garment Construction – Jordan Matthews
Jewelry Design & Creation – Shannon Brown

In every moment there is the possibility to experience the Divine, if you only relinquish control.

This experience is within the powerful continuum of works that I’ve created in collaboration & communion with Natalie ‘The Floacist’ Stewart, poet & multidimensional artist, and founding member of the London-based duo ‘Floetry’. Natalie and I journeyed creatively together for over 10 years.

From the flowing red ombre garment to the visual duality seen in the clouds and surrounding water, these images are an exact replica of a vision I had. Nature was our most powerful collaborator (these images are created without the use of photoshop/editing). The vision for this shoot came when Natalie revealed the title of the album to me, “Rise of the Phoenix Mermaid.” With no further explanation needed, we communed and created these images. From concept & garment construction to the completion of the final images, we finished the process itself in just two weeks.

Photography, Styling + Garment Design, Creative Direction, Concept Development
Natalie ‘The Floacist’ Stewart, Third Solo Album
November 2013