Brooke Johnson is EXTRA Alive!
Phylicia Ghee Photography
February 2014

Brooke Johnson is a writer, comedian and performer. We created these images for her one woman show “Brooke Johnson Is EXTRA Alive.” The show tells the story of her traumatic journey through Stage 4 Cancer, through a unique combination of comedic character studies, performance, film, song and dance. Brooke literally makes you cry and laugh simultaneously with this performance. At the culmination of the show Brooke attacks Cancer with a hedge trimmer, and reclaims her life.

This collaboration with Brooke was a very fluid experience. Through her stories of the intensity of her battle with Cancer and laughter that permeates our time together, Brooke constantly reminds me of the power of thought and of how healing laughter can be.

These images exude Brooke’s fierce strength, and relentless hope, as she re-emerges from the primordial waters, reborn and ready for anything. These images tell her story.

Commissioned Portrait Session : Brooke Johnson, Writer/Comedian/Performer