INTREPID II [Group Performance]
December 6, 2015; performed inside of “Breaking Open” installation

3:10min EXCERPT; INTREPID II performed inside of “Breaking Open” installation.
Voiceover by Natalie Stewart; featuring stories shared by Kriss Mincey, Amber Carroll Santibanez, Missy Smith, Denitra Isler, Anna Davis, and Ashley Williams

INTREPID II [Group Ritual Performance] performed by: Phylicia Ghee, Cheryl Ashley, Catrina Caldwell, Karene Bland, and Karla Benedict

INTREPID II [Group Ritual Performance]

3:10min EXCERPT from 20:32 min video documentation; performed inside of “Breaking Open” installation.

INTREPID II was my first time sharing ritual performance both with an audience and with other women, working collaboratively in this way. I invited four women (three of whom were in recovery at Powell Recovery Center) to join me in creating their own spirals. We met on the ground level, to help influence each other’s healing and spiritual evolution.

My journey with these four women has continually informed and influenced the way I’ve lived my life since and the sensitivity & compassion I have for those journeying beside me. We are all one, connected through the most pure and indestructible parts of ourselves.
INTREPID is a ritual performance series in which I am using my body to move in a spiral formation while writing a series of repeated affirmations in charcoal on a 9 by 9' sheet of paper. This ritual uses movement and repetition to build new framework in the brain and initiate new neural connections. The vision for INTREPID came during a time when I was studying dance, neural plasticity, alchemy, and subatomic particle collisions. When subatomic particles collide, they form spirals. The spiral is also an important family symbol for my grandfather. It is found in the double helix of our DNA and can be found in nature, both molecularly and galactically.

My body, never leaving the paper, slowly erases the words of the affirmations I am writing, and they begin to cover my skin. In this way, I am stepping into my intentions in a very literal way. What I write is ultimately erased, although not completely. The beginning of the spiral of affirmations can still be read faintly. This performance challenges me not only to accept the impermanence of life but also to find and connect with that which is ever present, can never be erased, and never dies. Along with my affirmations, the 9 × 9' paper holds my fingerprints and the unique markings made by my body. The 9 × 9' paper holds a story of interconnectedness. A story of who I was and who I became. It is a portrait of myself, my ancestors, and the larger whole.

December 6, 2015
Video Documentation
Jimmy Powell