A Body Scan by Phylicia Ghee
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Surrender : A Body Scan by Phylicia Ghee

Yoga Nidra, also known as “yogic sleep” is an ancient, deep meditative, conscious sleep experience that utilizes stillness, body scanning, visual journeying and conscious breath-work to ground you back into your body and take you on a journey through deeply restorative brain wave states; allowing rest, detoxification and rejuvenation on a cellular level.

I am a certified Daring To Rest Yoga Nidra Facilitator. This body scan I’ve created for you is not a full Yoga Nidra session, but an abbreviated hybrid, version for when you need to feel at ease, or when you need help getting to sleep. It’s inspired by Daring To Rest yoga nidra, collaborations with rest facilitators, and mindfulness glimpse practices.

This is a decolonization and a re-wiring of the deepest most conditioned layers of ourselves. This is an opportunity to claim peace for ourselves, in the midst of any challenges. An opportunity to dismantle the myth that we must always be moving; to deconstruct the falsity that rest, and connecting to the subtle energies in your body, is not productive. It’s actually a transformative act of self love.

Breathe deeply and slowly. Take this journey with me. If anything feels too intense, odd or uncomfortable to you, in any way, then guide yourself back to your breath and continue to rest. You have complete agency over your experience. May this be medicine for you.

You can be laying down or sitting up. Adjust your body to be as comfortable as possible. Close your eyes, if you feel comfortable doing so.

And just listen.
~ Phylicia

Photograph by Alona Shavi Cabrera (IEnvision Photography)

*Note – This recording was made with an iPhone, a loving heart and pure intentions. In a desire to preserve the spirit and the authenticity of the moment, I decided to keep this recording in its raw state, so please excuse any “imperfections” which are one of the drawbacks of creating under isolation. Prayerfully these seeming imperfections will serve as reminders of that which is most important, and can sometimes get lost in a desire to maintain the illusion of perfection…a pure heartfelt intention.

About E-Guide: “How To Take Care”

HOW TO TAKE CARE is a Collaborative E-Guide With 100 Pages Of Recipes, Rituals, And Reflections From IAO Studio And 32 Of Our Friends From Around The Globe.

HOW TO TAKE CARE Is Free To Download When You Email Proof Of A Donation Of $5 Or More To Any National Or Local Level Non-Profit That Is Providing Support To Victims of Domestic + Intimate Partner Violence During The COVID-19 Pandemic. (See links to purchase)

A note from the Editor:

How To Take Care is an E-Guide to self-care. Inside you will find poems, art & journal prompts, simple meditations, and food & skincare recipes. Some of these recipes have been developed by me, some by those I am in community with. My aim is to create an artifact of community and resistance that aids in supporting domestic violence victims. 100% of the proceeds of this E-Guide have gone to organizations doing work to support victims and survivors of abuse across the country. While this guide is basic at its best, I hope it serves as a motivational tool for you on the path to mental and physical respite in uncertain times.

– Krystal Mack
(@krystalcmack + @absence.of)

“How To Take Care” E-Guide for self-care & respite during uncertain times by Krystal Mack + Studio IAO
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