"The Site of Memory" 18:46, Single channel Video (no sound), June 2020 ~ An exploration & journey into my grief & anger. (Named after an essay by Toni Morrison)

The Site of Memory

Displayed in my 2020 Sondheim Finalist Virtual Exhibition, “WE ARE THE INFINITE, DISGUISED AS THE FINITE”

Self-Guided Walk Through of 2020 Sondheim Exhibition:

Excerpt from Exhibition Statement:

‘For me, the video works on the two opposite walls, “The Site of Memory” and “8:46” function like windows into moments from my life. Most of those moments were documented during this pandemic period; gardening with my Grandfather, paying reverence to my ancestors, writing prayers for my mother, making herbal remedies, exploring how I care for myself and how we care for one another during these deep challenges and moments of grief and bereavement.’

Rewriting the story. Processing grief & anger.