Full name

Phylicia Ghee


My work is a reminder and connection to timelessness. I become a channel for the stories, rituals, visions and practices that find their way back to me through genetic memory and ancestral communication. My work has always been informed by an intimacy with Self, and it is created through intuitive self-exploration.
Each medium I use is its own language. Working in photography, fibers, mixed media, video, painting, performance and installation allow me to create narrative works that evolve over time. The work always holds messages that are sometimes only fully understood years later.
My Grandfather has had the deepest impact on me as an artist. We have created art together from the moment I could hold a pencil or a paintbrush, and continue to do so today. My Grandfather taught me to create freely and to follow my intuitive whispers. My mother’s love for literary art, my Grandmother’s love for fibers and sewing and my Great Grandmother Josephine’s skill in quilting have all unknowingly found manifestation in my work. Nature & the natural elements hold an integral place in my work as well.
As an empath I also experience the energetic and emotional memory of prenatal & ancestral pain. My own suffering has broken me open. Much of my work has arisen from the desire to release myself from patterns that have lead to suffering and to build new neural pathways that initiate & reinforce healing, so as to not allow these patterns to continue any further through my lineage. My work has always been about remembering that which is indestructible within myself and reminding myself that this part of me exists. It has been an exploration in learning to accept the temporal and impermanent nature of life, and in this way connecting to life as a sacred and shared journey. Laced with the voices of my Ancestors; the rituals, ceremonies & performances that document my own rites of passage also speak to my journey to heal myself and returning to a sense of wholeness, trust & surrender.
Through the use of gesture, movement & various visual mediums, I explore the lasting, layered and poetic quality of memory, I unearth the stories of my Ancestors, and I navigate the dynamics of self-evolution and exploration.