Full name

Phylicia Ghee


My work is a whisper made more audible, an intuitive collaboration with my Ancestors.

The work for me is a ritual, a sacred ceremony, a rite of passage, a coming of age; a calling. Through performance, mixed media, photography, fibers, video and installation I am able to deconstruct and transmute fears and insecurities. It is here that I can demystify grief and heartbreak. It is here that I can finally release attachments and control.

It takes bravery to make this work because it means confronting hidden aspects of myself and bringing them to the surface. Furthermore, it requires trust to listen deeply, beyond the day-to-day mind chatter, to establish contact with that which is in some cases deeply uncomfortable, but is, quite paradoxically, the pathway to the deeply Divine. As mental constructs are deconstructed, new ways of being are created through the work. My work is informed by an intimacy with Self. The work represents and documents transition; an integral part of my spiritual journey, and the spiritual journeys of others. It is the alchemy of the soul, the philosopher’s stone, where the impossible is made possible, where rationale is of no use. I create that which heals & transforms me, in hopes that it will also be healing & transformative for others.

I work most naturally in narrative, even if the whole narrative exists within one image, or between two or three different mediums or processes. I’m interested in the process as an inner-narrative that imbues the final work with a palpable history.

Through the use of words, gesture, and movement I explore the lasting, layered, poetic quality of memory; I unearth the stories of my Ancestors, and navigate the dynamics of desire and detachment.